Today Miss Shelby and Miss Thais welcome our friends Hendrix, Kezia, Lachlan B, Dominic, Lachlan H, Everly, Alanis, Luca, Grace, Hendrix and Latika. Ivy went for a play with her friends from toddler one and had a wonderful day playing with Miss Leesa and Miss Lyn.

Kezia is showing the Christmas spirit as she is coming to kindy wearing beautiful Christmas clothes, this morning while we all waited for all our friends to arrive Miss Kerry brought us in some pastry , cookie cutters and sprinkles to use. Our friends Dominic, Ivy Hendrix and Lachlan B enjoyed this as they made shapes in the pastry using the different shapes cookie cutters and then used the coloured sprinkles to decorate the shapes they made. Kezia followed and extended on her own interest as she was enjoying spinning her friend Dominic around as he sat on the leaf.

While waiting for all our friends and Miss Thais to arrived for the day our friend Lachlan B said ”baby shark”so Miss Shelby played the baby shark song, our friends Hendrix, Dominic,Lachlan and Kezia joined in doing the actions to the song with them especially loving the part when they got to run away when the song sang ” run away do do do”.

Together we looked at the objects in the” Chunkies first words book”, while looking at the book Lachlan H recognised where the banana was on the page as he pointed to the banana and said ”na na” both Hendrix and Dominic pointed to the picture of the puppet and said ”mummy”. Hendrix also recognised the horse picture as he said ”horse and made a horse noise as he said ”nay nay”.

Miss Steph came in for a play where she laid down with our friends to sing see the sleeping bunnies, Lachlan B, Hendrix and Dominic enjoyed laying down like sleeping bunnies with her.

Today we had so much fun having messy play as we did table-top finger painting to extend on the finger painting activity yesterday with purple and red paint. While doing their painting on the table Hendrix, Latika, Lachlan B ,Kezia, Luca,  Alanis, Lachlan H and Grace watched as they mixed the two colours together with their hands. Miss Shelby gave the children a piece of white paper which they used to pressed down with their hands over the paint to create the paint creation on the paper.

Table painting allows the children to:

learn how colours work through mixing them together

Good for sensory intergation

improves fine motor developmental, strengthens finger and hand muscles

Therapeutic – expresses feelings without words

Miss Shelby set up the white boards with the magnet animals for the children to explore and place on the white boards, while looking at the different animal magnets Latika used her words to say ”what’s that” as she showed Miss Thais the magnet. Dominic said ”raagh” when he found the lion magnet, Lachlan B was laying down as he placed the magnets onto the white board and Everly explored the magnets on the white board as she sat on the mat area. Everly chose a book for Miss Thais to read, some of our friends then joined Everly and Miss Thais to read the book together.

Miss Shelby and Miss Thais