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Good afternoon families,

Today we started our day inside the Room. Onyx, Nikora, Millie, Abel and Lachlan were engaged in play magnetics blocks with Miss Gabi from Toddlers One. When Miss Thais arrived, she got some new toys for the children explore. We opened the box together and found some ice cream cones with different colours and in another bag were baby dolls accessories including nappies, clothes and bottles. The children have been shown interest in role play with baby dolls, so we decided play together with baby dolls. When Nayla and Alanis arrived they got very excited about the new toys and joined in. Rumi, Diego and Macsen enjoyed playing with trucks.

Miss Bec then arrived where she sat us down for group time, reading us ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears’ and the ‘nursery rhyme book’ to help celebrate Nursery Rhyme week. The children really enjoy sitting and pointing out the different things that they find in the book. We then sang our good morning songs, and bee bee bumble bee where the children then went and washed their hands for morning tea.

After morning tea, Miss Bec and Maddi set up an art and craft activity. Some of the children sat down around the table where they were able to decorate their own cardboard Christmas bauble with glitter, glue, paint and confetti. These will eventually hang on our class Christmas tree that we will create and put up in the next week or so. The children who did not wish to create a bauble enjoyed free play with puzzles, books, blocks and the baby dolls.

Miss Thais then lead us in another group time before it was time for lunch. This time, we practiced our Christmas dance, sang a Brazilian song and had a conversation within the group. We then went and washed our hands and sat down for lunch. Today for lunch, we all did so well with using our fork with our noodles.                    

We are now fast asleep and ready for a great afternoon.

Much love,

Miss Thais, Bec and Maddi xx