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Good afternoon families,

Today we started the day in the Yard with a lot of physical play such as climbing and riding bikes. We had our Group Time with Miss Bec today where she sat down with the children on the verandah and read the Book “Teeth are not for biting”. After the read we also had a little conversation with our friends about how biting our friends is not nice and it hurts.

After group time, we got out our musical instruments and danced around on the verandah outside. The children love playing music, Parker led us by singing us many different songs. The children then had some free play outside, where they were throwing and catching balls, climbing and jumping on the bridge and sliding down the slide.

Today is ALIA’s 2ND BIRTHDAY! HOORAYYY!!! We celebrated her birthday today by making cupcakes that she had brought in to share with us. We all took turns in pouring the ingredients into the bowl and mixing it until combined.  Miss Thais decided to add some red and blue food colouring into the middle so when the children bite into the cupcake, they can name and guess the colour. The cupcakes were so yummy. We hope you had an amazing day here in Toddler 2 Alia!! 🙂 🙂

We then settled down for lunch which was falafels and couscous today! We love this meal 🙂

Love Miss Thais and Miss Bec