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Today Miss Shelby and Miss Steph welcome our 9 wonderful friends Dominic, Alamis, Quinn, Parker , Everly, Grace, Lachlan, Henry and Luca,

Today we stared our day doing some soft nursery rhymes that Miss Shelby brought in to share with us, Dominic, Quinn and Parker showed off their dancing moves. Miss Jade did the actions to row, row, row your  boat with Quinn.

Miss Shelby then supported Grace with not having a dummy anymore by reading no more dummy Piggy! Luca and Quinn were engaged in the story as they both said ”no more dummy”


The children did their own interpretation of a star using paddle pop sticks to glue onto paper, miss Shelby printed off a picture of a star for them to see and Miss Steph used the paddle pop sticks to create her own star so the children could try to copy her interpretation of Miss Steph’s  star.

Dominic, Quinn, Luca, Lachlan, Everly , Parker, Grace  all chose to create their own star. While creating their star Everly, Quinn, Dominic and Lachlan used their words to say ”star”Grace said ” mine” as she pointed to what she had created and Luca said ” oh wow” when he showed Miss Shelby his interpretation of a star.

This activity allowed the children to express their creativity, use their imagination and also develop fine motor and hand-eye coordination skills.

Before lunch we joined Miss Shelby on the mat where together we did the actions to open shut them with Lachlan shaking his hands and Luca blowing a kiss, Dominic pointed up high and low when Miss Shelby sang wind your bobbins up and when singing head, shoulders, knees and toes to recognise our body parts Hendry knew where he head is and where his nose is, Quinn pointed to her nose and to her mouth and Luca showed us his hands while Lachlan said toes as he touched his toes.

Miss Shelby and Miss Steph