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Happy Tuesday everyone, today we welcome our friends Luca, Quinn, Lachlan, Alanis, Hendrix, Dominic and Latika.

We started our morning outside where our friends Quinn, Dominic, Luca and Hendrix had fun climbing and balancing along the obstacle course, Dominic playing in the sandpit with trucks, buckets and spades and Quinn also sat down with Miss Shelby for some one on one story time, Hendrix also joined in to look at the book where he said ” look pink”.

We welcomed all our friends this morning by singing our ”Good Morning song” Lachlan smiled at Miss Shelby when she said Good Morning to him. Our Friend Latika Joined us after morning tea time to join us as we played with the stickle bricks.

Miss Shelby brought out the stickle bricks where together as a group we sat down to do building, Lachlan said he was making a car house, Hendrix was busy building and said ” look i did it, made a house nay, nay”. Luca¬† and Latika were observer building a high tower, Dominic used the bricks as a whistle as he was blowing in them to make noises and Alanis also had a go at connecting the bricks together.

Today we welcome back Miss Gabbi for yoga, we hope you feel better Miss Gabbi, the children were so excited to see her this morning as the gave her big hugs, Together we joined Miss Gabbi where we started off by catching bubbles, we then sang our welcome song, practiced our yoga positions and did some relaxation time. Luca was giving Mindful monkey kissses and Hendrix was giving karma koala big hugs.

What a wonderful day we had today with all our friends

Miss Shelby and Miss Thais