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Hello Families and Friends! 😊

What a amazing day we did around here today. Our day began with our friends so excited to explore all the environments. With the sun shining outside we decided enjoying the fresh breeze and play in the yard. After put sunscreen on, our hats and after checking the temperature in the playground, was time to start our adventure outside.

The most popular activities were:

Popping bubbles – Our friends had so much fun following the bubbles before they then popped them, they also had a turn to practice their blowing skills making their own bubbles.

Sandpit – The sand pit still one of the most favourite places in the yard, today they enjoyed filling the buckets with sand and digging with the truck diggers.

Play ball – Playing in groups our friends had a nice practicing throw and catch ball.

The time past so fast when we are having such a great time with our friends. Then was time for packing our toys a little and started our morning routine. In our group time today Miss Gabi asked the children “what story book you guys would like to listen?” Then, Max grabbed one of the books and said “This one, Gabi” Extending in his interest we read a book called: “ The wiggles – Toot toot, chuga chuga, big read car”. With the eyes fixed in the story our friends had done great with how engaged they were in group time. We then sung “ bee bee bumble bee” to washing their hands. The kids are very into their daily routine, and we are so proud of our little friends!

After morning teatime it was time to continue our learning opportunities, today in our group experience we decided to have an outdoor class, in a selected part in the slide area we set up special activities for our friends. These activities included the following:

♥Climbing the bridge
♥Chalk drawing with the awesome egg chalks!
♥ Art activity continues in our Earth week. For this experience we used foam with blue and green food colouring in a spay bottle and and then we placed a paper plate to designed our own earth. The children loved this experience and thoroughly enjoyed it, when the paint finished we let the children had a little messy and play with the colourful foam, for sure the messy was the favourite part for our friends!!

A lot of smiles, a lot of laugh, a lot play and a lot of fun around here today!

Check out our photos!

With Love,
Miss Gabi, Miss Jess and Miss Hope.