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Good afternoon toddlers two friends and family!

Thank you so much for such an incredible day. We have had a beautiful bright and busy day filled with lots of laughter. We begun our morning by welcoming all our toddlers friends into the yard for a fun little play under the warmth of the sun. We play with lots of fun toys and equipment like riding the bikes all though the track, making lots of yummy food using sand, bouncing the balls up and catching them in the air and swinging high on the swing with our friends, giggling away saying “higher, higher!” to Miss Laura.

We all had an amazing experience outdoors before we knew it, it was time to get ready to go indoors and sit on the mat ready for group time. As we were moving into the classroom our toddler friends walked in to the room very nicely and sat down on a cushion of their choose, whilst we were waiting for all our friends Miss Hope sung tiny turtle for our friends to be engaged into group time as soon as they sat down. Once everyone gathered around Miss Hope on the mat and begin by talking about the amazing bug show we have later on this morning and explained to the children what bug are. All the children we really excited about the show and talking about all the different bugs. We continued group time with a book called ‘boots goes to school’ and finished up with a couple songs call ‘the incy wincy spider’, ‘row, row, row your boat’ and ‘hammer, hammer, hammer’ which the children absolutely loved as we haven’t sung these songs as often. We transitioned into meal time by singing ‘bee, bee bumble bee’ and washing our hands.

For meal time we had some delicious apple, chai and date pancakes with bananas. After our scrumptious meal we packed away our things and moved along into toddlers 1 room for the bug show!

We had a very special guest Miss Lea who did this whole show. In this show we had lots of music, sounds, props, comedy and get hands on with live and displayed insects with lots of audience interaction. Helping children connect to nature and bringing environmental awareness to the world around us. The children were really engaged throughout the entire show and absolutely loved all the dancing they got to do through out the show. Once the show had finished we got our hats back on ready for a play outdoors.

We had a fun play outdoors with free choice place with all their friends to end this amazing morning. Before we knew it, it was already lunch time. We moved indoors to have our amazing supercharged spaghetti Bolognase with delicious self-selected salad bar.

Thank you for such an amazing Tuesday!

Much love Miss Hope, Miss Gabi and Miss Lara