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Happy Tuesday

Hello families and welcome to our glorious day in the Toddler Two room where they explored their imagination and let their creativity flow.

To start their day, they journeyed outside for a morning adventure with one another. They enjoyed spontaneously gravitating between play areas of their choice such as, building beds for the dinosaurs in the bark area, making cakes and all sorts of treats in the sandpit, flicking through the books in the chill out zone and zooming around on the bikes with ease. It was a delightful morning and now it was time for everyone to join on the mat for group time with Miss Gabi, Miss Hope and Miss Jess. In group time today Miss Gabi began with asking the children what song they would like to sing which was ‘’Baby shark’’ Afterwards Miss Gabi read a book called ‘’We Are One’’. To finish off group time we sang the transition song to wash hands as they got ready for a delicious morning tea.

As they finished, they packed away and freely explored their indoor environment. They enjoyed a variety of activities such as;

  • Building houses and towers on the mat using the magnetic connectors
  • Role-playing in-home corner, making delicious food and coffee
  • Racing the cars around on the car mat
  • Building with the large wooden blocks, enhancing on their teamwork skills and communication with one another.

It was a lovely morning with lots to do. The children then helped to pack away as we got ready for our group activity. For this activity the children were able to use scissors to cut out pieces from the magazines and glue down to their paper to make their own collage. This collage activity enhanced greatly on their fine motor strength with the open and close motion of cutting helps to build small muscles in their hands. It also helps to enhance on their hand and eye coordination as it requires the children to use their hand and eye simultaneously.

As they finished their collage, they were able to take foot outside for another adventure before it was time for a delicious lunch and an energising rest for this afternoon’s whirl of excitement and fun.

Thank you all for today♥

See you all soon,

Miss Gabi, Miss Jess and Miss Hope xx