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Terrific Tuesday♥

Hello families and welcome to our day here, what a journey it has been and I look forward to sharing with you all about our day here.

We began this day in the Toddlers Two room with all their friends. The children were able to freely seek around their classroom and engage in a variety of self select activities. From connecting with the magnetic connectors to role playing in home corner, driving the cars around on the car mat, building with the blocks and playing with the dolls house. The children are LOVING having the opportunity to grab what books they want to look through! For group time today Miss Gabi wanted to extend on the children’s interest in having their own choice of book to read today which was ”When I’m Feeling Loved” After we read the book we than transitioned to washing hands for morning tea which was a Coconut Strawberry Delight Bar.

As we are focusing on emotions this week Miss Gabi showed the children the emotion calendar with different faces. To extend on this we went outside and the children were able to draw their face of choice/ emotion in the sand using either their finger or a stick. They really liked this and felt calm doing this emotion sensory play activity. When they were happy with moving on from the activity they were able to scout around their playground and set foot on an adventure. Here are some of the favourite things outdoor the children enjoyed.

  • Problem solving with Miss Jess, Charlie, Adam, Noah, Jackson and Finely were helping Miss Jess with the puzzles outside.
  • Swinging through the breeze on the swing
  • Using great strength as they throw the balls high in the air before trying to catch them!
  • Zooming fast around the bike track and really using great balancing skills on the balance bike.

What a great time outside they all had this morning and now it was time to join everyone inside for a scrumptious lunch which was  a Superhero Mediterranean Vegetarian Pizza. When their tummies were nice and content they then headed to their beds for a restful sleep for this afternoons adventure.

P.S There are a few jumpers in the basket on the lockers without names on them, you are more than welcome to go through them♥

Thankyou all for today♥

See you all soon,

Miss Jess, Miss Gabi and Miss Lee xx