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Welcome to our Tuesday♥

Hello and good afternoon families, welcome to our day here in the Toddlers Two room.

This morning we welcomed all our friends in the room with warm cuddles and smiles. The children were able to explore throughout the room and spontaneously play with selected activities that they found intriguing. Some children explored problem solving with the puzzles at the table, getting in touch with their imagination as they role play in home corner and cooking up some tasty treats. The children also engaged in building with the blocks and connectors. This morning we too looked outside the window and talked about the weather as this week is meteorology week! Miss Jess asked our friends ”What is happening outside?” Some of the children replied with “Raining”! To extend more on the weather we had planned two activities where the children were able to watch Miss Shae show us what it looks like when rain falls from the clouds. Using shaving foam, food colouring and water. The children were VERY excited and super engaged in this activity. Throughout the process Miss Shae would talk about the colours and asked the children a variety of questions. For our second activity the children were able to make their own rainbow clouds by using glue, coloured paper and a cloud!

Before group time Noah had something special to show all his friends and teachers that he is going to be a big brother to his baby sister!! CONGRATULATIONS♥  Noah proudly stuck the photo up on the wall for everyone to see♥

In group time today Miss Jess read a book called “Brush, Brush” as Max requested to read it as he handed it to Miss Jess. This book was about brushing our teeth day and night. Throughout the book Miss Jess asked the children if they brush their teeth and ”can you show me your strong white teeth?” as they all then smiled! We then sang ”Open, shut them” and ”Miss Polly had a dolly” before we sang our transition song to wash our hands for morning tea. While the children were happily eating Miss Nads came in along with Miss Emma and had some orange, rock melon and mandarin to represent that all the fruit look different on the outside but once we open them up they are all the same on the inside and this is the same with us. We may be different on the outside BUT we are all the same on the inside♥ Miss Nads also gave us a book about different transportations and it too had the same meaning that there are many different types of transportations and they look different but they all do the same thing. The children were interested in seeing the fruit being cut up and to see what was inside, they too had the time of their lives with eating all the delicious fruit!

Throughout the morning we danced to “Freeze” and ”Dinosaur stomp” The children show great following skills as the listened to the words in the songs and all freeze or they stomp their feet!! They all had groovy moves and a lot of fun! Miss Jess joined in as well, what a joyful morning it has been with all the children. It was then time to help pack away before we had lunch and rested our bodies for an eventful afternoon♥

Please stay safe in this weather and drive carefully♥

Thank you all for today,

See you all soon♥

Miss Jess, Miss Hope and Miss Shae xx