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Wow can’t believe it is Christmas Eve and the last day for 2019, Miss Shelby and Miss Thais would like to say a big thank-you to all our wonderful families and beautiful children here in the toddlers two room. It has been such a privilege to care for your children. We wish you a wonderful Christmas and new year.

Today we welcome our friends Hendrix, Lachlan H, Lachlan B, Grace, Latika and Everly

While we waited for our friends arrive for the day, Hendrix, Lachlan H and Lachlan B  and Grace played with the wooden dolls house and wooden people dolls. Lachlan B said to Miss Shelby ” oh no daddy fall down” while played with the dad wooden doll. It was lovely watching the children show sharing and turn-taking with the dolls house and dolls.

Hendrix brought in a book which he shared with Miss Thais and his friend Lachlan H , Grace and Lachlan B, together they read the story Team Machine! while looking at the book they pointed to the pictures on the pages.

Miss Shelby set up the recd play dough with some coloured paddle pop sticks for the children to explore and create with . Hendrix  said ” I’m making a circle , Lachlan B said ” I’m making a birthday cake, Latika was busy using the paddle pop sticks to make in prints in the play dough ,Grace was singing twinkle, twinkle little star as she played with the play dough and Lachlan H said ”wow ” as he showed Miss Shelby what he made. While our friends were playing with the play dough activity Everly sat with Miss Thais building and stacking the elephant puzzles , when she helped knocked the elephants down she said to Miss Thais ”more”. Latika also joined in having a turn at stacking the elephants on top of each other.

Our friends from toddler one joined us for some Christmas dancing with red balloons before lunch and little rest before we got picked up. The children also enjoyed throwing and catching the balloons



Miss Shelby and Miss