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Good afternoon friends and families!

We have had such a busy day today with our friends. We started off our morning in the yard, which then turned into water play which all of our friends enjoyed! They were splashing each other and giggling. We then transitioned to wash our hands and sit in a circle together for morning tea. Just before we ate, to calm our bodies we practiced breathing deep breaths and using our quiet and calm voices.

For group time, we sang ‘bee, bee, bumble bee’ and we practiced our secret Santa song! For our activity for the day Miss Bec painting our friend’s hands one by one with green paint and made a Christmas handprint wreath that we are going to stick together and put on our door. After activity time our friends were given the opportunity to have free play outside and they chose water play! They had a ball getting sprayed by the hose from Miss Tarn, the smiles on their faces were priceless! It was the perfect way to keep them cool on this hot day.

We then sat down after the busy morning, sang more songs together, washed our hands, and sat down together for lunch. Now we are resting and recharging for the afternoon!

Much Love; Miss Maddi, Thais, and Bec xx