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Hello Parents and Friends! 😊
A warm welcome from Toddlers and today we welcomed I our room: Avery, Jackson C, Thomas, Cameron, Beau, Edward, Noah, Finley, Oliver, Kynell, Peyton, Macsen, Max and Noa.

What a fabulous journey we are having in our room today, so much learning, so many smiles, and so many cuddles. Our day started with our friends enjoying each others company in our outside space, this morning we had a fun time with our friends exploring the playground.

Our friends enjoyed engaging in:

– Construction with blocks- Building with blocks has been one of the favorite pastime for our friends in Toddlers two, when Miss Gabi asked our friends about what they would like to play with, Edward said: “BLOCKS”. 😊 Then we set up a mat with blocks in the shade. The children enjoyed building towers and push them over “OH NO”, they also liked building cars and airplane, letting their imagination come alive.

– Train tracks – Building the train trucks has been very popular around here too, the children enjoyed making it and then push the little wood train all way a long the trucks saying “Choo, choo”. 😊

– Slides – Our friends are loving to use this different playground more often, they love to going down the slide then going up in the stairs and then go again, and again. We love how the children have become so confident in exploring the big slides.

Once we had a little play in the slide yard it was time to come indoors and get ready for group time. Thomas and Kynell were wonderful helpers as they helped Miss Hope carry our toys to the room. All our toddler friends placed their hats in their hats pockets and sat on the mat so nicely and patiently waited for Miss Hope to begin group time. The children are doing a great job of developing their self help skills.

To start off group time, Miss Hope sung a few of our favourite songs like ‘tiny turtle’ and ‘open, shut them’ all our friends did all the actions and singing along to the songs, She then spoke to the children and explained what we will be doing today and after a small conversation with children she redirected their attention to some breathing, our toddlers friends have been do amazing with their breathing in from the nose and out through their mouths. What a great way to practice regulating our emotions and our busy bodies.Before we finished up our group time Miss Hope asked the children what song they wanted to sing before transitioning into morning tea time, Cameron replied  “wheels on the bus”.

After singing ‘wheels on the bus’ we sung ‘bee, bee bumble bee’ to transition to wash our hands.

For morning tea today, we had a very yummy Blissful blueberry, apple ginger seedy slice, served with a medley of seasonal fresh fruits.

It was a beautiful morning with the sun out, so we decided to continue our adventure with more fun and exciting activities for the children to do out in the big side yard.
The children enjoyed engaging in:

Sensory play – Using  red play dough and our animal we set up a sensory tray for toddler children to explore. Extending their interest in animal’s they enjoyed making the animal noises and pretending they were feeding them with the dough. Sensory based experiences support language development, motor skills, an opportunity to express their imagination, and creativity along with developing their social skills as they engaged with their peers.

– Tearing paper – We`ve been noticing have been enjoying exploring tearing and ripping. . So, this morning we did something new and let the children rip and tear the paper. Cameron and Thomas particularly enjoyed this with Thomas commenting to Miss Emma as she approached the fence “I got paper, I rip it.” so confidently.
Tearing paper helps children develop so many essential skills as a hand strength, hand eye coordination, precision, and bilateral coordination and relief emotions.

For lunch time today we had another delicious meal a Scrumptious Greek Spanakopita Pracel served with a yummy salad bars.

Now we are having a lovely rest time in our beds listening to soft music and relaxing by charging our energy for another big play outside in the afternoon!

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with Love,

Miss Gabi, Miss Hope and Miss Lauren