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Good afternoon families and friends!

This morning we decide ventured outdoors. We sang our morning song and have a yummy morning tea as picnic with our friends from Toddlers One. Today the children kept busy climbing through the obstacle course, taking turns on the slide and pushing each other on the swing. Some friends played follow-the-leader on the bridge. Miss Thais extended their outside play through “We are going on a Dragon Hunt”. All the children listened to Miss Thais as they followed the instructions like “touch the tree”, “cross the bridge” and “hide in the cave“. Was a really nice activity and all of them were very engaged! They asked for more, but was time to come back inside the Room…

The children then transitioned indoors as we continued on with learning all about Farm animals. Miss Thais set up a sensory play with our Farm animals in the box with some oats. They loved play with different animals and feel the oats. We will continue learning all about the Farm animals as we share more books, sing songs, engage in art experiences and play games.

This week the Toddler friends are also practising their self -help skills during meal times as they show off their independence using spoons to enjoy their meals.

Love Miss Thais