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A warm welcome from our toddlers friends! 😊

What a wild adventure we are having around here today! Our day began with welcoming our friends with lots of cuddles and hugs! Everybody was so excited to explore the classroom and enjoy each other’s company. The children liked HOME CORNER and food play this morning! Our friends had a great time pretending they were cooking meals for each others, then they organize a little ” breakfast table” and made plates for  their friends! It Was amazing to see how the children have been so creative in their free play time and how they are enjoying their friends company more day by day! ♥

We were having so much fun playing indoors and before we knew it, it was time to start our morning routine. We begun by going to the toilet or getting our nappy changed, and washed our hands to get ready for morning tea. Before we sat down to have our yummy food, all our friends sat down on the group mat for our group time! Today Miss Gabi started group time with a little breathing exercise to help our friends relax, we then did some big stretches, then we identified where our hands, shoulder, knees, and toes are – they love this game. With our friends more settled down on the carpet and with their listening ears on – it was time for our story time, today we read a book called “Teeth are not for biting”.
Then we had a smooth transition to hand washing singing ” bee bee bumble” and then sat down for our beautiful morning tea time!

For morning tea today we had a delicious Apple, chia and Date pancakes served with medley fresh fruits.

With our tummies full it was time for our BIG ADVENTURE – Today we had WILD DANGERS wildlife encounters incursion here at Riversdale with their Australian Animals. The show was incredible and our friends were so enthusiastic to see, feel and touch everything. Engaging in the show the children had the opportunity to learn about the wildlife and be little closer to some of those animals, today they brought here a two lizards, one was a blue tongue  lizard and the second one was a frill neck lizard! There was also a baby crocodile, a turtle, a snake and a bird. The children interacted with the show feeding the bird and being so brave to use their fingers to feel the others! 😊 They could not be more HAPPIER, our toddlers friends ABSOLUTLY LOVED the show! ♥

Other experiences we engaged in today include: construction with blocks, car site, reading books, playing outside and much much more! 😊

Now we are having a lovely rest time in our beds listening to soft music and relaxing by charging our energy for another big play outside in the afternoon!

For lunch time today we had supercharged spaghetti Bolognese served with a delicious salad bar.

Parents come to check out our ALBUM OF PHOTOS that we add to each day our friends adventures!!

With love,
Miss Gabi, Miss Jess and Miss Hope