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Happy Tuesday♥

Hello family and friends of the Toddler Two room and welcome to our day here at Riversdale Early Learning Centre.

What a bright sunny day it has been and our friends have had a joyful day of adventuring around their classroom and outdoors!!

We started the morning off with exploring around the classroom and engaging in a variety of activities and self select choices.

  • The children have found the new toys to be a hit as they enjoy hammering down the cylinder and popping out the worms as they press down and let go and watch them fly in the sky.
  • Building with the small wooden blocks as well as building towers with the soft blocks.
  • They happily made their way to the table to paint and express their creativity and help each other identify colours in our autumn craft experience.  
  • Dancing to sleeping bunnies and dinosaur stomp. The children thoroughly enjoy dancing to the beat and show their enthusiasm and love for music as they explore different sounds.
  • Exploring the animals with Miss Jess! We joined Miss Jess on the carpet as she asked her friends “who would like the pig” and so on before singing “Old McDonald” then when we said the animal etc “cow” the child who had the cow would raise it up and make the sound. They LOVED this and and a lot of fun doing so.

After our busy bee morning it was time to come together for a group time. In group time today we read a book called “Pirate in pyjamas” throughout the book Miss Jess would stop to ask the children “Who can find or see this” etc (parrot) the child or children would then point to where they could see it. They all did a wonderful job at show great attention and engaging skills. We then sang “Bee, bee bumble bee” to transition to washing hands before morning tea.

When all children had finished eating they all helped tidy away before progressing to venture around their classroom. Miss Gabi showed us the new books she got yesterday for us all to enjoy!! For art today we did leaves for AUTUMN! Our friends were able to help prep as they rolled the crate paper into balls as they were then going to paint their leaves and stick them on while it was still wet.

It was then time to help tidy the classroom as a team before putting our shoes, sunscreen and hats on for our outdoor adventure!

  • Swinging through the breeze on the swing
  • Zooming around the bike track on the bikes
  • Climbing the bridges
  • Making sandcastles, digging holes in the sandpit

Before we knew it, it was time to come inside for scrumptious lunch before heading to our beds to rest our bodies for a full energised jam packed fun afternoon with all their friends and teachers.

Thank you all for today♥

See you all soon

Miss Gabi, Miss Jess and Miss Hope xx