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Today Miss Shelby and Miss Steph welcome our friends Willow, Parker, Alanis, Lachlan, Grace, Luca, Dominic and Everly.

We started our morning outside with our toddler one friends where the water play was the most popular today with many children helping to water the plants,while filling up her watering can with more water Willow asked Miss Steph for more water saying ” more”. Dominic , Alanis and Lachlan were also busy filling up their watering cans with water to help water the plants.

Lachlan, Luca and Willow were also having a turn at riding the big red bikes and the new wooden trikes around the bike track and Allanis was showing her helpfulness to Dominic as she was pushing him forwards and back on the swing. Parker was happily sitting with Miss Steph listening to a story.

Luca’s mum told Miss Shelby that Luca came to kindy this morning with no dummy so yay go Luca, We then came inside for morning tea where Everly joined us. After morning tea it so wonderful watching Grace, Parker . Alanis, Lachlan and Dominic put their drinks bottles away in the bottle basket which demonstrates self-help skills and independence.

Everyone then joined Miss Steph for story time on the mat. We extended on Luca not having a dummy this morning by reading no more dummy for piggy! while looking at the book Luca responded by saying ” no dummy”.  Miss Shelby then joined in to sing some of our favourite songs singing open shut them, gallop went the frog, if your happy and you know it and see the sleep bunnies as well as see the sleeping lions, monkeys and crocodiles. Alanis, Luca , Everly and Lachlan were showing us how they can do the actions to open shut them and Parker was laying down while Miss Shelby was singing see the sleeping…. song.

Today Miss Shelby extended on some of the children interests of playing with the new cars yesterday by setting up a group car painting experience, the children used the cars to move through the paint on the paper to create the car tracks on the paper. While moving the car up and down the paper Luca used his words to express himself saying ”vroom, vroom”.

Miss Shelby and Miss Steph