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Terrific Tuesday

Hello families of the Toddlers Two room and welcome to our day here at Riversdale Early Learning.
What beautiful weather it has been today, which means more time for our little friends to enjoy and explore the great outdoors this morning. The water play was a massive hit, the children LOVED filling up the buckets of water before they tipped it on themselves or the ground to make puddles to jump in. What an awesome way to keep cool in summer

Additional outdoor experiences were dancing to the music playing, reading books, zooming past on the bikes, and using great balancing skills as they climbed up and over the playground equipment and obstacles.

It was then time to come inside ready for our mini group time which consisted of welcoming our new friend Noa. We then sang “Bee, Bee bumble bee” Where the children can say and recognise their name to wash their hands for morning tea.

After delicious morning tea, it was then time to do some CRAFT!!!! It is national bird day today and Miss Gabi organised for our friends to make their own birds using paper, feathers, and glue!! They had a lot of joy doing this. Miss Gabi also laid out some yellow playdough on the tables with some paddle pop sticks. Both activities enhance on our sensory and fine motor skills in such a fun way!

During morning indoor play, the children explored various activities from the shelves as well as on the floor.

–          Building with blocks and the magnet connectors

–          Racing cars on the car mat and in the parking garage

–          Role playing with the puppets

–          Exploring the sensory board

–          Playing in home corner

What a delightful morning it has been and now it has come to your treasures resting in their beds for a whirl of enjoyment this afternoon in the beautiful sunshine after some scrumptious afternoon tea.

Thank you for today Toddlers Two,

See you all soon,


Miss Gabi, Miss Jess and Miss Hope xx