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Welcome to another fun day in the toddlers two room, today Miss Shelby and Miss Thais welcome our friends Lachlan B, Hendrix, Luca, Quinn, Alanis, Charlotte, Lachlan H, Dominic and Ivy.

This morning while waiting for all our friends and Miss Thais to arrive we spent the morning playing with Miss Shelby, Miss Lyn and Miss Danica and our toddler one friends. While playing the toddler one room our friends Ivy, Hendrix, Ivy, Lachlan H, Charlotte and Luca were busy playing with the wooden dolls house, beds and chairs from the house with Charlotte saying ”Baby got clothes on” Ivy placing the doll into the bed and saying ” shh” Hendrix saying ” look chairs” and Lachlan H showing Miss Shelby the wooden doll he found. Dominic and Luca were exploring the wooden shaker boxes as they shook them up and down to hear the noises. Miss Shelby did some story time reading the very hungry caterpillar and the teeny weeny tadpole, we also sang and did the actions to gallop went the frog, twinkle, twinkle little star, open shut them and rollie , pollie up, up up which Ivy sang along and did the actions to gallop went the frog. Also the big container of Lego was set up where our friends Lachlan B, Luca, Ivy and Hendrix were sitting down building with the lego pieces.

Today Miss Shelby brought some blue coloured magic sand and molds for the children to explore, manipulate and build things using the molds. While exploring the sand Hendrix, Ivy and Lachlan B did a great job at using the mold to make a sandcastle- Hendrix said ” it did it” once he made his sandcastle and Charlotte used her words to say ”it’s sandy”  Ivy and Lachlan B were both proud of their own achievement as they showed Miss Shelby and Miss Thais was they made.

Miss Shelby also sat down with the children to look at beach picture and word cards to extend on yesterdays learning of pretending to be at the beach. While looking at the picture Charlotte recognised the sun saying ”its a sun”, Hendrix recognised the picture of the beach as he said ” beach”, Lachlan B said ”bucket” when Miss Shelby held up the picture of the bucket and he asked to hold it. We also talked about how we need to wear a hat on our hand and put sunscreen on when we go to the beach- Dominic put his hands on his head when Miss Shelby said ” hats goes on our head”, the children pretended to put sunscreen on their faces, arms and legs and we showed our feet when Miss Shelby showed the flip flop picture and said ” we can wear flip flops at the beach”. Ivy used her hands to make waves while we looked at the wave picture card.

Miss Shelby and Miss Thais