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Today we welcome our friends Kyro, Latika, Charlotte, Lachlan, Evie, Taran, Hendrix, Luca and Dominic with Miss Shelby and Miss Thais into the toddler two room today.

Today we had a outside day with all our toddler one friends and Miss Jess and Miss Nikki, we enjoyed having morning tea together at the tables that Miss Shelby brought out. The children used their manners to say thank you to Miss Nikki when she gave them their morning tea.

Miss Shelby set up some play dough with cutters and rolling pins outside on the tables, Latika and Hendrix sat down to feel the play dough and make different animals with the cutters. Dominic enjoyed climbing along the metal ladder, he did a great job at walking and balancing along the ladder by himself. Evie played peek a boo with Miss Shelby on the playground.

Miss Gabbi joined us for yoga where they enjoyed singing the Good Morning song with Karma Koala, blowing bubbles and doing stretches.


Miss Shelby and Miss Thais