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Today Miss Shelby and Miss Steph would like to welcome our new friend Parker and his family to the toddlers two room and to the centre. We also welcome our friends Willow, Everly, Lachlan H, Henry, Grace, Alanis, Luca and Dominic.

This morning while we waited for all our friends to arrive Alanis, Lachlan H and Dominic sat with Shelby to look at the book Who can see the lion flip book, Alanis found the lion hiding behind the flip. Lachlan H looked at himself in the mirror and Dominic gave kisses to himself in the mirror. Henry sat with him mum for a little bit before joining us where he looked the different dinosaurs miss Shelby showed him as his mum said he likes dinosaurs.

Before morning tea everyone joined Miss Shelby and Miss Steph for songs where we sang and did the actions to Miss Polly had a dolly with Dominic copying Miss Steph and knocking on the wall, Luca said row, row” so we then sang the song row, row, row your boat with Luca holding onto his friend Willows hand while singing row, row, row your boat, we also sang twinkle , twinkle little star and Lachlan H held in hands up in the air like little stars. To transition the children to the bathroom to wash their hands for morning tea Miss Shelby sang cheeky monkeys jumping on bed and the children pretended to be monkeys as they went to the bathroom.

Many of the children were interested in playing with the baby dolls and Dominic was also pretending to be a baby laying down in the cradle so Miss Shelby thought it would be fun to set up water in a container for the children to wash the baby dolls. While playing with the baby dolls Dominic, Lachlan H and Henry used their words to say ” baby”, everyone also thought it was heaps of fun to get wet and they had fun splashing the water around in the container.

Miss Steph made some messy play today using flour, water and green food colouring to make some green slime, all the children gathered around at the table to watch what she was doing. Miss Steph placed the flour, water and green food colouring onto two trays and the children got to use their hands to mix the ingredients together to make the slime.  They also used their hands to move the slime around the tray and make the slime go from slimy mixture to hard mixture as they held the slime in their hands.

We also joined Miss Steph for some dancing fun where we used our whole body to move along to the wiggles music, everyone especially enjoyed doing the actions to rock a bye a bear and Dr Nicker boxer.

Miss Shelby and Miss Steph