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Hello families,

Today we spent our morning playing free outside with our friends and welcome Ivy from babies 3 that came to visit us today during the morning.

We transitioned inside the Room where we washed our hands and get ready for morning tea. Today we had our delicious toast and beans, the children loved it! After our morning tea the children got the opportunity to pack away their plates and drink bottles. How good they are getting practising their help skills.

We had some new toys out and we had a great time exploring it! Alanis loved the Police station. Parker, Lachlan and Dominic were very concentrated during the Puzzle activity.

We also enjoyed a musical group time and puppets with miss Thais. Parker said “Happy face” and “Sad face” while Miss Thais was playing with the puppets and also teach them about emotions…

This week we have decided due to the interests of the Toddlers with going to learn about the weather. We read a story today called “What’s the weather?” After that we looked through the window to check how was the weather today. We also had some painting time where all the children got the opportunity to paint our sun that we are going to use to decorate your Room.

Love Miss Thais