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Welcome back, we hope you all had a wonderful long weekend with your family. Today Miss Shelby and Miss Thais welcome our friends Dominic, Luca, Quinn, Lachlan B, Alanis, Lachlan H, Hendrix and Charlotte.

Miss Shelby brought us some special toys to continue with our interest in balls,blocks and threading. Together in a small group the children sat down with Miss Shelby where she showed us how to play with the twirling tunnel ball game. Luca, Hendrix, Lachlan H, Charlotte were all very interested in having a turn at placing the different balls at the top of the tunnel and then watched as the balls rolled down to the bottom. This allowed the children to use their sharing and turn-taking skills as well as exploring and investigation the toy while using their sight to watch where the balls go. Miss Shelby set up the block box for the children to explore what was in the box, Charlotte was the first one to take the blocks out of the box and  then Luca joined in where he was busy building.  Our friends Hendrix, Lachlan B and Charlotte had a turn at doing the animal threading that was set up at the table, Charlotte chose the lion, Hendrix chose the crocodile and Lachlan chose the zebra.


While waiting for Miss Gabbi  to arrive for yoga this morning Miss Shelby sat down with everyone to do some singing, the children really respond to songs and actions as they they sing along and do the actions. Songs enjoyed today were twinkle, twinkle, little star- Quinn and Hendrix put their hands up in the air while singing the song, Gallop went the little green frog, If your happy and you know it- Charlotte said wake up when Miss Shelby was pretending to be a sleep when singing ”if your tired and you know it go to sleep” and open shut them. We also held hand while singing and doing the actions to row, row, row, your boat with Quinn and Charlotte holding hands, Lachlan B  and Hendrix holding hands with Miss Thais and Hendrix and holding hands. When Miss Shelby said ” if you see a crocodile don’t forget to scream everyone responded by screaming loudly and also laughing as they thought it was funny.

When Miss Gabbi arrived everyone joined her for yoga, starting off by catching bubbles. Also had relaxation time, practiced their downward dog position and sang songs.

After yoga Miss Thais did an art activity with Luca, Hendrix, Lachlan B, Lachlan H and Charlotte to extend on the children’s interest of sea animals, the children painted their own sea animal using different coloured paint. Lachlan B decided to paint his hands and asked Miss Thais to do a hand print while Quinn, Alanis and Dominc were playing.

Was transition time! Time to wash their hands and get ready for lunch. Before that Miss Shelby read a book about animals. All of them were very interested in making the sounds of all the different animals in the book.

Miss Shelby and Miss Thais