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Hello families and Friends! 😊

Gurumba bigi
( means G’day in Yugara – one of the Aboriginal languages spoken in the Greater Brisbane area) 

What a amazing adventure we`ve had around here today! Our toddlers friends were so excited to play and explore the environment today! Our day began with our friends having lots of fun in the yard, the sandpit was the favourite spot in this morning and our friends choice for playtime together as they shared the sand toys, helped one another make sand cupcakes, fill up trucks with sand and much more.  Was amazing to see our friends enjoying each others company 😊

The time passes fast when we are having fun, it was then time to pack away the playground and get ready to go to the bathroom for a nappy change or sitting on the toilet and have morning tea time and do our group time.

For morning tea today we had a delicious Organic fruit Toast and delicious triple berry coconut Jelly, served with fresh fruits. 

Once we had packed away our things from the table we sat at the sliding doors to get ready for our walk ahead we quickly placed on our hats and begun our journey to the bottom building for the fantastic show all about Naidoc week. As we stepped into the kindergarten room we saw a big colourful wall with the world map on it and some pretty cool show props. Once we had sat down for the show Mr Nathan gave us a very warm welcome and begun with a couple traditional aboriginal songs as he sung and danced along. he explained to the children that we are all one and he wanted to not only teach us about Australia but also the countries all over the world. As we travelled to each county on the map we go to do a special dance from the culture. before the show ended we got to say a big hello to some of his special animal puppet friends, we meet a kangaroo, koala and a kookaburra.

Continuing in our week topic, Naidoc Week, Miss Gabi and Miss Hope got the children involved and engaged as the children had to collect rocks on the way back to our classroom, after the show. When they arrived in the yard there was a a table set up a table with red, black and yellow paint with natural sticks we gathered from broken branches from our yard. We invited the children to design their own aboriginal symbols in the stones. They happily painted away and enjoyed creating these at the table and expressing their creativity and help each other identify colours. It is amazing to see how they particularly enjoyed this art works, special when they are allowed to paint on something different than paper.  😊 

Other play experiences today included: Building with the large wooden blocks, home corner was another favourite today as they enjoyed making food for one an other, relaxing and reading books in the group mat and much much more. 

For lunch time we had another yummy and nutritive meal Sticky Thai vegie balls and sesame noddle salad, served a delicious salad bar.
The children are LOVING self-serving which is great to see. ♥

Was a beautiful learning and playful morning at the toddlers’ classroom. This afternoon we are planning to have a relaxing and enjoyable play outside in the playground with our friends from Toddlers 1. 

We also would like to say a BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MISS JESS.
We looking
forward to have Miss Jess back tomorrow and celebrate with her birthday!!! 

With Love,

Miss Gabi, Miss Hope and Miss Crystal.