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Hello Families and Friends♥

Welcome to Toddlers Two classroom
Today in our crew we have Jackson B, Max, Indi, Jackson C, Mathias, Cameron, Noah, Leiana, Oliver, Macsen and Noa.

Another playful and learning morning around here today! Our day began with our friends enjoying the sunshine in the yard with our friends from Toddlers One. Everybody was so excited to explore around the environment. Miss Thais invited our friends for a ball game – everybody sat down in a big circle then each children practiced their hand and eye coordination as they had to catch and the throw the ball to a friend – waiting for their turns and enjoying each other companies- our friends had a fabulous time in the group game. They also enjoyed the playground, riding the bike around, climbing in the obstacle course, playing in the sandpit and much more.

The time flies when we are having so much fun as it was time to start our morning routine. We started our group time today singing ”Happy Birthday” to our friend Oliver 🙂
Then everybody sat down on the mat group and listened very carefully to the story “Top place Percy” -The story is about a fish and how he has a special talent. Guessing the name of sea animals and also making the shark noise our friends practiced their listening skills so well. After our story time we sang one of our favourite rhyme songs “Once I caught a fish alive” and “wheels on the bus” then “bee bee bumble bee” for washing hands and get ready for morning tea time.

After our delicious morning tea it was time to go back outside for a very special sensory experience. In our group activity today Miss Gabi kept extending the valentine`s day and made a Love potion station ♥ – using glitter, colourful paper, natural sand and bark, pompom, water drops and squeeze bottles our friends were invited to mix the elements in their own container to make their unique love position. The tray learning opportunities to encourage a holistic room for learning and developing. Also is a good activity for the children to connect to the environment experience and emphasizes child`s imagination and fantasy.

We have had a wonderful morning exploring our outdoor environment – Now our friends are having a lovely rest time in our beds listening to soft music and relaxing by charging our energy for another big adventure this afternoon. We all look forward to celebrating OLIVER`S 2nd ANNIVERSARY more this afternoon!♥

Check out the photos !!!

With love♥

Miss Gabi, Miss Jess and Miss Hope xx