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Hello Families and welcome to our Wednesday♥

Hello families and welcome to our sunshine day here in the Toddler Two room.

This fine morning we skipped to the great outdoors and were ready for a journey of exploration! The children went from building sandcastles, making scrumptious cakes and digging holes to tackling the bike track as they sped around but kept aware of their friends so they didn’t run over their feet. The children enjoy challenges and love developing on their balancing skills as they take on the obstacle course and climb through the playground. After a while of outdoor adventuring it was time to come inside to greet all our friends and teachers and for a lovely group time.

For group time today we enhanced more on friendships and spoke to the children all about how you can be friends with animals, and also people. The children were well engaged and enjoyed listening to the book. Afterwards we sang “Wheels on the bus” and “Bee, Bee, Bumble, Bee” to wash hands for morning tea.  All children are showing how confident and involved learners they are.

For Indoor playtime the children were able to travel freely around the room and choose a variety of their chosen activity to do. Building with the small wooden blocks as well as the large ones was popular as the children stacked them into towers and with help counted how many they could stack. Working together as they built a train track for the trains! Investigating what Miss Gabi put in the black tray for all of us to enjoy and explore the different types of animals amongst leaves, rocks and coral throughout.

Before lunchtime we all helped pack away before we slipped our sunscreen and put our hats on ready to head on outside. All children had a blast outside with all their friends and teachers♥  When scrumptious lunch was ready we all headed in to wash our hands and all sat at the tables with our water and tasty lunch. When all children had finished their meal they packed away and headed for their beds to rest their bodies for a fun filled afternoon♥

Thank you all for today♥

See you all soon,

Miss Gabi, Miss Jess and Miss Hope xx