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Happy Wednesday everyone!!! we hope your all having a wonderful week so far, yay tomorrow afternoon is the Christmas party so please arrive for the visit from Santa at 4.40pm in our room and then the Rom-pin Stomp in show at 5pm.

Today we started our day joining Miss Thais on the mat for story time, together the children gathered around Miss Thais to look at pictures in the book. While looking at the pictures in the book the children used their words to recognise and name some of the pictures . Miss Thais talked to the children about what item of clothing they were wearing and what their favourite food to eat is as there were pictures of clothes and food in the book.

Today the children joined in with Miss Shelby to make some special reindeer food with oats and coloured sprinkles, first Miss Shelby showed the children the oats and our friends Ivy, Lachlan, Luca and Latika spelt the oats where Ivy and Lachlan both said ”yuck” and Luca and Latika making a funny face.

The children also then used a spoon to place the oats and coloured sprinkles into a reusable bag which they can take home to sprinkle on the grass for the reindeer’s. Hendrix and Ivy were our special helpers today as they helped cleaned up the oats from the floor using the dust pan and broom.

Some of the children were playing with the green leaf from the teachers chair so Miss Shelby thought it would be a fun idea to add a light up ball and use the leaf to roll the ball around. Together the children joined in and helped hold onto the leaf and move the ball around so it wouldn’t fall off the leaf, they also took it in turns to throw the ball onto the leaf. Miss Shelby sang this is the way we roll the ball while holidng onto the leaf, Charlotte started singing ” rolling, rolling the ball” while she helped .

We continued to have more fun with the ball and Miss Shelby gave us some more light up balls where we showed sharing and turn-taking as we threw the balls to our friends.

Before Lunch we sang and did the actions to our favorite song- row, row, row your boat, our friends held hands as they sang and did the action to the song. Their favorite part is to scream when we sing ”if you see a crocodile don’t forget to scream”.

Miss Shelby and Miss Thais