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Happy Wednesday Families and Friends
A warm welcome from toddlers 2 classroom 😊

Our wonderful day began in playground welcoming our friends with a BIG SMILE in our faces. The favourite pastime in the yard this morning was reading book under the warm sunlight with Miss Jess, watching the BIG ORANGE digger in our neighbour yard with Miss Hope and swinging in the fresh freeze in the swing with Miss Gabi.
Our friends love the company of their educator in their playtime. 😊

The time goes so fast when we are having so much fun in the yard, then when we realize was time for our morning routines and coming inside the classroom for group time and morning tea.

In our group time today, Miss Gabi continues extending in the children interests for shark and today we count the number of sharks together, what by the way our children have been showing a brilliant count skills! We couldn’t to be prouder about the little ones!
Once we finished count shark, we had a very special SHOW`N`TELL time with Mia and Avery introducing their families to their classmates. Everybody was very involved in the group time, the children love see photos, and was wonderful see the children interaction in the show`n`tell time.
After putting on the photos on the family tree we all came to the group mat to sang our favourite rhyme songs and then smooth transition for handwashing and morning tea.

For morning tea today, we had a yummy Coconut Strawberry Delight with medley of seasonal fresh fruits.

Once we had packed our stuff from morning tea was time for one more adventure. Happily, the children made their way to the play area in the classroom looking for their self-select toys and play. The children engaged in:

♥ Imaginative play: Our toddler friends had been showing an increasing interest in imaginative play as a home corner, baby dolls and dress up. This morning they enjoyed pretending they are cooking to each other and making tea and coffee, feeding the babies doll and after putting the babies in bed for sleep. Our new box with dress ups was the hit as well, they loved to dress up as a dinosaur, tiger and cat and then make the animal noises.

♥ Sensory board: The children enjoy playing in the sensory boards so much, they putted the balls inside the pipes then patiently wait it goes all the way down in the pipes and then doing it again and again. The busy board another favourited spot, they enjoy press the bottoms on the keyboard, spinning the spinners and pretended they are talking the telephone. 😊

Was a playful and happy morning around here today, now everybody in bed relaxing their bodies and mind for another big play in this afternoon.

For lunch today we had a delicious wholesome shepherd’s pie bites with cauliflower mash served with a self-select salad bar. The lunch was success into our friends they really enjoyed the meal!

Ps: We are still having some issues with the internet connexion in our classroom, so oasis NOT will be update this afternoon. Please, if you would like to have more information about your child day ask one of the educators in the pick-up time.

With Love,

Miss Gabi, Miss Jess and Miss Hope