Hello famlies,

We started our big day Outdoor. Tai noticed that the horses were coming close to us, so we decided to go to the stage and observe the horses. Today we had a picnic style morning tea with our new friends Millie and Abel who are transitioning from Babies 3. The children had shown interest in climbing and jumping in the last few weeks, so Miss Thais set up an obstacle course and enjoyed the morning Outdoor with our friends.

The children were so curious while Miss Thais was setting up the activity and as soon as she finished they start to practising their balance. They did so well today! We also practised our fine and gross motor skills as rode our bikes, and navigated our way around our playground.

Some of our friends also played “the ball game” with Miss Bec and some of them engaged in the water play with some sea animals that we borrow from babies 3.

Love Miss Thais, Miss Bec and Miss Jordan