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Happy Wednesday everyone we hope your all having a wonderful week so far, today we welcome our friends Latika, Charlotte, Luca, Hendrix, Kezia, Alanis and Ivy.

Today was World Kindness Day, all our fiends showed different ways of kindness with their and educators today which was so beautiful to see. Ivy and Hendrix showed Kindness to Kezia by giving her dummy back to her by putting the dummy back in her mouth  and they both gave big cuddles to Miss Shelby and Miss Thais. Luca also gave a big cuddle to Miss Thais.

Miss Shelby brought in her special book- ”Cuddle Bear” the story is about showing Kindness through giving cuddles, while reading the book together and looking at the beautiful pictures of animals giving each other a cuddle Ivy and Hendrix recognised the bear with Hendrix ” saying ”its a bear and Ivy pointing the bear” and Ivy also responded by cuddling the book. Luca  and Charlotte both recognised the lion with Luca pointing to the picture of the lion and saying ”raghh” and Charlotte ” holding her hands up like a lion saying raghh”.

Charlotte and Hendrix showed kindness to each other as they gave each other a cuddle while we were reading the book,  Charlotte said ” I’m cuddling him” and Hendrix gave Charlotte a big smile.


Our friends showed other ways of kindness by helping each other ,Miss Shelby and Miss Thais with Luca helping to sweep the floor  after morning tea time , Ivy helped clean the table with the cleaning cloth and Hendrix and Charlotte helped Miss Thais to create our special kindness day creations.

Please have a look at our Kindness wall in our room

Thank you to Miss Kate and Miss Jess for bringing in some recycling materials for us, Miss Shelby set up the resources- egg cartons, lids, yogurt containers, paper plates and toilet rolls on the mat for the children to explore, investigate and imagine during their play. Charlotte and Hendrix used the toilet rolls to blow into to make noises and Charlotte said ”hello” into the toilet roll, Latika placed the yogurt cups on to the paper plate and said ” look” while showing Miss Shelby what she did and Ivy was busy placing the lids and yogurt cups into the egg carton.

Before having lunch Miss Thais sat down to read another kindness story – I love you so much with Charlotte saying ” I love you ” Alanis showed happiness as she sat to listen to the story showing smiles and Kezia showed Kindness to Miss Thais when she was reading the story by giving her cuddles.

Miss Shelby and Miss Thais