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Hello beautiful families!

We started our morning in Toddlers One Room exploring different toys around…The Toddler friends then transitioned outdoors for a play in the great Yard. The children engaged in some reading and relaxing time on the mat enjoying each others company…

Once indoors we settled on the mat for our Group Time where Miss Thais read the Book “The Very Itchy Bear” and we sung our good morning songs as well as our transition songs, before washing our hands for morning tea.

The children engaged in a fine motor activity, taking turns practicing their fine motor, hand/eye coordination skills as they used the tongs to carefully collect the pom poms and place them into the recycled egg cartons. Lachlan and Rania said “I did! I did!” when they filled all the holes from the egg cartons with pom poms. Miss Thais explained to Willow how she could hold the tongs and she got it. While Kezia was waiting for her turn she was observing her friends and help them! Was a great activity for them learn to wait for their turns. Some of them tried again later and asked Miss Thais for more!

We also played with Lego construction and Puzzles today. We did some colouring with more Sea Animals, so we can work to finish our beautiful Sea Animals Wall in the back of the Room… It`s looking great!

This week the Toddler friends are also practising their self -help skills, as we pack away after activity time…

Love Miss Thais