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Happy Wednesday♥

Hello Families and welcome to our day here in the Toddler Two room.

What an eventful day it has been as we celebrated St Patrick’s day♣

This Morning we started inside exploring throughout the room and what it has to offer. The children enjoyed a variety of activities including;

  •  Problem solving with puzzles
  •  Driving the cars on the car mat and through the garage
  •  Enhanced on their role playing as they roamed throughout the home corner, cooking up a treat and caring for the babies
  • Dancing to Irish kids music
  • Exploring the table that had St Patrick’s day hats, gold cupcake holders and green cut up paper that Miss Nads set up for all the children to venture throughout.
  • Sensory play with shaving foam and gold coins with Miss Hope! For this activity the children were able to dive deep with their hands into the shaving foam to find the hidden gold!! The children thoroughly enjoyed this.
  • Green goop fun!!! Miss Hope bought in some lovely green goop that they children were able to experience. Some thought at first it didn’t feel so nice but after a while LOVED IT!!
  • Face painting with Miss Jess
  • Building train tracks and driving the trains

As time flew by it was time to help clean up before group time with Miss Jess. Today we read a book called  ”Mr Tickles” the children were intrigued to see what Mr Tickles was getting up to! We then sang “Wheels on the bus” and ”Incy, Wincy Spider” before singing the “Bee, bee, bumble bee song to wash our hands before morning tea.

After Morning tea we all cleaned up before we dived into ART!!! This was epic as the children were able to stamp a four leaf clover with the bottom of a capsicum and yes it was green of course haha. The children were a little sceptical at first with this but after Miss Jess showed our friends how to do it they then confidentially had a go with smiles. When we all finished our art we navigated more around the room and freely chose activities to play with. What a very fun and busy bee morning it was as it was almost time to have lunch and rest our bodies ready for a joyful afternoon with many smiles and laughter.

Thank you all for a wonderful day,

See you all soon♥

Miss Gabi, Miss Jess and Miss Hope xx