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Hello families,

This morning, Miss Bec, Miss Thais and Miss Maddi welcomed our friends into the yard with open arms. We spent the morning riding bikes, playing in the sandpit and swinging the swing with our friends

Lachie, Abel, Millie, Bowie and Willow really enjoyed playing in the sandpit this morning, moving the sand around and pretending it was a cup of tea. Nikora, Onyx, Tua, Rania, Isla and Alanis loved playing with the balls, throwing and kicking them to Miss Maddi and Miss Hope, and throwing them on the roof with Miss Bec.

We then transitioned inside where we washed our hands and sat down for morning tea which was fruit.

After morning tea, Miss Thais set up different stations around the room for the children to roam and explore their interests indoors. The different activities were magnetic fishing, making train tracks, puppets, dolls, puzzles and different blocks. This was really interesting to see what each child was drawn to. After a play inside, we then transitioned back outside where we ran around and got all of our energy out.

It was then time for lunch so we came inside and washed our hands. We are all now resting our bodies ready for a fun afternoon.

See you this afternoon,

Miss Thais, Miss Bec and Miss Maddi xx