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Happy Wednesday Wednesday everyone!!!

Miss Shelby and Miss Steph welcome all friends today, we had a outside day as the weather is so lovely and the children enjoy being outside. After playing outside with washed our hands and then joined Miss Shelby and Miss Steph at the tables for morning tea where everyone ate up their fruit toast and fruit salad. It is so lovely hearing the children use their words to ask for more food and use their manners to say please and thank you.

After morning tea Luca was happily sitting down with a book so Miss Shelby came over to have some conversational reading time with him, while looking the pictures in the book Luca recognised and named the stars saying ”star” Dominic and Lachlan came over to join in with us where they both recognised and named what they could see with Dominic saying ”ball and Lachlan saying ” crocodile snap, snap”. Noah was engaging in the learning area with the pretend phone and key board where he was saying ”hello daddy”

We then adventured back outside Miss Steph and Miss Jordan where Rania, Kezia and Alexia were pretending to make cakes in the sandpit, Jordan was singing happy birthday with them as they filled the buckets up with the sand. Dominic, Lachlan and Noah were busy playing with the water using the water tap to fill up the watering cans and buckets and then used them to help water the plants around the yard.

Before coming back inside for yummy pasta and salad for lunch we sat down to sing some of our favourite songs, with everyone joining in to sing and do the actions to twinkle, twinkle, littler star, open shut them, row, row, row your boat, baa baa black sheep and the wheels on the bus.

Sorry no photos today having problems with the camera

Miss Shelby and Miss Steph