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Wonderful Wednesday

Hello and welcome all to our wonderful Wednesday. What a beautiful day it has been despite the cooler and cloudy weather. This morning the children were eager to head outdoors to explore with one another. Noah, Max, Jackson.C ran straight to the sandpit and started to dig with the shovels with Miss Gabi. Noa was enjoying playing with Abel from next door in the sandpit. As Mathias arrived Indi excitedly greeted him before they ventured off around the playground. Avery and Macsen enjoyed practicing their throwing and kicking skills with the ball with Miss Jess! At times with their big throws and kicks Miss Jess had to duck out of the way as they had great power! When Adem and Peyton arrived, they were very keen to ride around on the balance bikes before we came inside.

For group time today we all the children came together on the mat. The book we read this morning was called “Be Happy’’ Miss Jess asked the children ‘’Can you show me your biggest happy face?’’. They all then gave a BIG CHEEESEEEE! The thoroughly enjoyed this book and were all so engaged! Afterwards we sung our transition song to wash hands for a delicious morning tea which was Coconut strawberry delight.

Today we did another awesome science experiment that was on the creative side! Miss Hope gathered the trays, paper, food colouring, bicarb soda and vinegar and met us outside for some more colour mixing fun but with a twist! The children were so amazed to watch the effect when you mix bi carb soda and vinegar, the children were yelling out “bubbles!” as they watch the bubbles arise. We then added some different food colouring to the trays and place a blank white piece of paper into the mixture and patted it down. Once we picked up our piece of paper, we seen a beautiful colourful effect with a grainy texture.

Thank you so much for such an amazing Wednesday! We hope you enjoy the rest of your afternoon.

Much love
Miss Hope, Miss Jess and Miss Gabi