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Hello Families and Friends! 😊

What a beautiful journey we are having in Toddlers Two today!

Today we welcomed Avery, Adem, Jackson B, Indi, Jackson C, Mathias, Cameron, Edward, Leiana, Oliver, Macsen, Max and Noa.

Our day began with our friends enjoyed the sunshine and relaxing in our beautiful environment outside. To celebrate WOW Wednesday, we had planned to show our appreciation to the SES volunteers by painting orange love hearts on their hands. The children seemed to enjoy watching as the educators painted on the hearts, and some children smiled looking as though it tickled. The children then had the opportunity to move into the outdoor space where they could select from a variety of experiences. In the sandpit the children enjoyed  scooping up the sand and filling up the dump trucks , then dumping the sand, to repeat the process all over again. Some of our friends enjoyed taking turns on the slide, while others enjoyed riding the bikes.

The time flies when we are having such a great time, it was now time to  come inside for our morning routine of  story time, washing hands and refueling our bodies with morning tea.

For morning tea today, we had a delicious Happy morning breakfast Pizza, served with fresh fruits and cocolicious yogurt topping with crispy granola. So far this is one of the favorite meals in Toddlers Two, they absolutely love this morning tea, calling out  “more more more”.

After morning tea Miss Nads had organised an exciting SES experience for our room, “Rock Rescue”. Here the children had the opportunity to take turns to roll the “rocks” down the slide, this was a great opportunity to explore the effects of gravity. Noah and Max had a great little working relationship as they shared and passed the rocks between them to then roll down the slide,commenting  “rocks.” some children enjoyed throwing over the bar and under the bar. What a great opportunity for the children to explore the concept of over, under and down as they engaged in their play today. At the conclusion of the experience we had some wonderful helpers as the children helped collect and pack away all of the rocks. Eddie and Cameron were intrigued by the rocks that were still covered in foil at the bottom of the slide and began pulling it off with Eddie commenting “Rubbish” and placing it in the tub with the other “rubbish”. I wonder what objects we could explore with tomorrow to roll down the slide?

In our group time today, we had the national simultaneous Storytime when we read a “Give me some space book” – This event happens simultaneously across childcare, schools and libraries around Australia. This year the book is about the little girl, Una,  who decided to be an astronaut. Continuing exploring in the same topic we listen to the “planet song” music. Our friends engaged very well in our story time, the children were all very intrigued and curious as they listened to the story and pointed at the different pictures in the book. As the children showed such an interest an excitement in the story we will look to extend the children’s interest, we will do this through sensory play, listening to the “planet song”, and creating a space exploration play area. We would love if you have any ideas for us too!
Then we smoothly transition to washing our hands singing we sang “bee bee bumblebee”

With our tummies full we decided to explore our indoor environment. Happily the children made their own away looking around for  their self-select play. This morning they enjoyed playing with: construction with colorful blocks, where the children enjoyed making towers and stacking them on top of another. We had some imaginative play in home corner, car site and much more. In our group activity Miss Jess lead a craft experience, where the children had the opportunity to create their own galaxy using tin foil as their “Brush” as they dipped their foil in the paint and dabbed, dotted and slid the paint around the page. What wonderful concentration the children demonstrated as they were very engaged in this experience.

For lunch time today we had a yummy deconstruction sushi bowl with sweet sesame sauce served with brown rice and quinoa. 😊

Apologies for no photo’s of the food today, we got carried away engaging in conversation with the children about the experiences of the day and engaging in conversation surrounding their lunch.

This afternoon we are planning to have a relaxing and enjoyable play outside in the playground with our friends, I wonder what wonderful experiences the children will engage in today.

Check out the photos!

with love Miss Gabi, Miss Jess and Miss Hope.