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Hello Parents and Friends.
Happy Wednesday!

Today we welcomed in our classroom with a big SMILE and a lot of CUDDLES: Avery, Jackson B, Indi, Jackson C, Mathias, Cameron, Oliver, Peyton, Macsen, Max, Noa, Mia and Adem.

Our day began with our friends warm and cosy in our classroom, looking for their self selected activities this morning such as:
♥ Drawing – Using age appropriate texters and a stencil with different shapes, Indi and Max had so much fun tracing animas shapes and numbers. Max and Indi practiced their fine motor skills, they held the stencil on the paper with one hand and with the other one they used for holding the texter while carefully tracing the stencil and colouring in their finished product.  .
♣ Building with wood blocks – Avery, Peyton, Cameron, Mathias and Noa’s choice was construction with little wood blocks. They enjoyed stacking up one block on top another and after that they pushed it down and said a big ” OHHH NOO” then laughing. As the children were building Miss Gabi started to count the blocks as they stacked them tall, they were then repeating after Miss Gabi the numbers. Meanwhile our other friends were happy seeking around the room and engaging in a variety of activities of their choice.

For group time today Miss Gabi read a book called when I`m feeling happy we then spoke more about feelings before we washed our hands for morning tea. Our delicious morning tea consisted of Organic Apple, Cranberry and white Bean Crumble. When all children had finished eating we all got ready to walk down the bottom to Kindergarten Two as we watched a show about Manners! What an awesome show this was, the children LOVED it and were ALL so engaged throughout! Our friends were so brave as they were given the opportunity to stand up in front of their peers to help! Manners are so important and so important to teach to children too! Another message was it is AWESOME to be so kind to everyone♥ What a lovely time we had this morning.

We then came back up through the playground, as the weather looked like it might rain the children were able to freely explore their  outdoor environment. From spontaneously reading the books on the shelf to balancing on the balance bikes, throwing the ball up in the air, swinging with glee on the swing, driving the trucks around in the sandpit and running up and down along the bridge! Jackson. B found a shell and picked it up and said ”I can hear ocean” as he gave it to Miss Jess to have a listen. They all had a wonderful time this morning. The time was flying by as we all got ready for our scrumptious lunch which was a Mexican Fiesta Make My Own Nacho. Noa commented and said ”Yummy for my tummy” as she had a spoonful!! When they were nice and content and tummies were full they then packed away and walked to their beds for a lovely reenergised sleep.

We do apologise as the photos are not uploading but we have printed the photos out and displayed them on the wall for you all to see♥

This afternoon depending on the weather they may or may not go outside but either way it will be a whirl of fun this afternoon.

Thank you all for today♥

See you all soon,

Miss Gabi, Miss Jess and Miss Hope xx