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Good afternoon families,

What a beautiful day we have had today. We started the day in the yard where we explored nature, visited the horses, rode bikes, and climbed all over the obstacle course. We loved giving lots of cuddles to our friends and our educators this morning! Alanis, Nayla and Rania were interested in the Books. Lachlan enjoyed playing with the Farm magnetics.

We then transitioned indoors where we had morning tea, which was a smoothie and fruit. Yum! After morning tea, we sat down for group time where we read some books about Farm and sang our good morning songs.

We then started our activities for the day, where we were free to roam indoors and outdoors where there were different activities set up for us. Indoors was Miss Thais with animal farm puzzles, an animal farm replica and blocks. Nayla showed interest in Home corner today. Abel, Tua, Nikora, Kezia, Alanis enjoyed play with the animal creatures.

Outdoors was Miss Bec and Miss Maddi with wooden loose parts, puppets, a circus tent and musical instruments. The children showed the most interest in playing in the circus tent, and building big towers with the wooden blocks outdoors.

It was then time for us to come indoors where we washed our hands and sat down for lunch and rest time.

We hope you have had as much fun as us today!

Kind regards, Thais, Bec and Maddi xx