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Glorious Wednesday

Hello families and welcome to our fabulous day here. What a magical day it was with lots to do and see! The children excitedly stepped foot outside ready for their journey of adventure and fun with one another. From going up and down on the sea saw to practicing their catching and throwing skills, climbing through the playground, and digging in the sandpit! They all had a wonderful morning before we made way inside for group time.

In group time today Miss Gabi read a book called ‘’My awesome Magical Creatures’’ Throughout this book there was so many MAGICAL CREATURES! From faires, gnomes, mermaids and more! Books can take you to a world of wonder, creativity, adventure, and a lot more places with the power of IMAGINATION. To finish group time, we sang the transition song to wash our hands ready for a scrumptious morning tea.

As the children packed away, they happily explored throughout the room. A few favourited things this morning was.

  • Role playing in home corner as they made delicious meals for each other to enjoy.
  • Rocking the babies in the cot with Miss Jess.
  • Rolling the balls down the pipes.
  • Driving the cars round on the car mat.

We then swiftly helped to pack away as we were going to make cookies with dough Miss Lauren had made (VEGAN). The children flattened their dough out before they pushed the cookie cutters down on top. They all thoroughly enjoyed this and LOVED being involved! This afternoon they will be able to taste their own cookies! Afterwards they headed outside for another great journey before they came in for lunch and a reenergised rest for this afternoon’s magical adventure of creature hunt to see if we can see unicorns and many other magical creatures.

P.S Tomorrow for our last day of book week, Toddler Two teachers will be wearing mix matched clothes inspired by the book
‘’It is okay to be different’’

Thank you all for today,

See you all soon.

Miss Gabi, Miss Jess and Miss Hope xx