Good Afternoon Families,

This morning Miss Thais, Miss Bec, Miss Maddi and Miss Hope welcomed our friends into childcare where we went straight into the yard to explore.

Today Onyx, Parker, Alia, Ivy and Lara showed lots of interest in throwing the balls on the roof and watching it come down and bouncing on the floor. Nikora, Tai, Abel, Dominic and Theo love riding the bikes around the track, often chasing eachother and trying to race. Millie, Willow and Tua love to climb on the net and run across the bridge causing it to bounce up and down.

We then went and washed our hands and came back outside for a morning tea picnic. Today, once again we allowed the children to help themselves to the platter of fruit and pancakes. This is encouraging their self-help skills.

After morning tea, our educators organised a bear hunt. Here, we walked around the yard singing “We are going on a bear hunt”. At the end of the song, once we entered the ‘cave’ we found our bear! Miss Maddy dressed up as a teddy bear and scared us all very much but we got used to her eventually, giving her lots of cuddles.

Miss Thais then got out our streamers where we danced to music, swaying and waving them around in all different directions. It was then time to come inside to wash our hands and sit down for lunch, which was curry, rice and salad. This is our favourite meal of the week.

We hope you’ve had a great day.

Much love, Miss Thais, Miss Bec, Miss Maddi and Miss Hope