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Happy Wednesday everyone!!! hope your all having a wonderful week, today Miss Shelby and Miss Steph welcome our friends Kezia, Dominic, Willow, Luca, Rania, Lachlan, Everly and Alanis.

We started our day inside this morning, when Miss Shelby arrived everyone joined her for story time where together we listened to the story Max and Tallulah. While looking at the pictures in the book Dominic used his words to recognise and name the objects he could see as he pointed and said ”apples” ,Alanis pointed to the bug on the page, Kezia pointed to where she could see the colour orange when miss Shelby said ” who can see the colour orange”

In the book Max saw his reflection in the water so Miss Shelby thought it would be could to look in the mirror to see what we could see and if they children could see their own reflection, while looking in the mirror Dominic said ”Me” when Miss Shelby said what can you see in the mirror. We also did body recognition with Alanis, Dominic and Kezia reconising and naming their nose.

Miss Shelby set up a jungle sand play experience in the sand tough from outside, adding green coloured dye and water to the sand, wooden pieces/ sticks and some jungle animal figurines Miss Shelby brought for us. All the children gathered around the tough to explore what animals they could find in the sand. Kezia was really engaged in this experience where she was using the wooden pieces to move through the sand and while finding the animals Everly used her words to say ”oh wow” animals and Lachlan ”wow”.

Kezia, Willow, Rania and Alanis stayed inside to help Miss Shelby paint some large card board with green water paint which we will create into a tree for our monkeys we made yesterday, While doing the painting Kezia used her words to ask for more painting saying ”more”.

Miss Steph took our other Friends Luca, Lachlan, Dominic and Every outside for a play as they didn’t get a play this morning. While outside Kezia and Everly were pretending to drive the car, Dominic and Alanis were having fun with Miss Steph playing a washing machine game on the swing where Miss Steph was pushing them forwards and back on the swing. Willow was showing off her balancing skills as she walking along the bridge, Luca was enjoying water play and Lachlan was jumping in and out of the sandpit like a frog.

Miss Shelby and Miss Steph