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Happy Hump day everyone!!! we hope your all having a wonderful week, today Miss Shelby and Miss Thais welcome our friends Ivy, Hendrix, Kezia, Alexia. Lachlan B , Quinn, Luca and Charlotte.

This morning when Miss Shelby arrived to work we got our hats on and held our friends hands to walk outside to the babies yard. Ivy chose to hold Connor from Toddlers one hand, Charlotte chose to hold Harvey from toddlers one hand and Luca and Quinn held each hand to walk outside.

While playing outside Quinn was busy having running races up and down the yard with Miss Blair and her friends from toddlers one. Quinn,Kezia, Charlotte, Ivy had fun rocking forwards and back on the rocker.

When we came inside we joined Miss Shelby on the mat for action songs where we sang and did the actions to if your happy and you know it, gallop went the frog , Miss Polly had a dolly, the wheels on the bus and row, row, row your boat as Luca said ” row, row”. Our friends chose a friend to hold hands with and rocked backwards and forward while Miss Shelby sang ”row, row, row, your boa”t, when we sang if you see a crocodile don’t forget to scream Hendrix, Luca, Ivy and Quinn responded by screaming. When singing Miss Polly had a dolly Ivy responded by knocking on the wall when the song sang ” when she knocked on the door”. Hendrix asked to sing wheels on the bus, while singing the song he pretended he was driving the bus and said ” beep, beep, beep”.


Today the children joined Miss Shelby to make some snowflakes out of white sugar , craft glue and white doilies. While watching his friends make their snow flake Hendrix said ”that’s sugar while he pointed to the bowl of sugar and snow flakes are at Christmas time”.

Miss Thais sang a Portuguese song “Meaw” with some of her friends, they enjoyed holding hands with each other and dancing around in a circle before dropping to the ground.


Our friends Latika and Lachlan were busying having fun playing with the recycling boxes, placing them over their heads to hide. Miss Shelby said to them ” i cant see you” and they both responded by saying ”boo”. Luca came over to the table and said ” boo” to Miss Shelby has he stood at the table.

Miss Shelby and Miss Thais