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Good afternoon families,

Today we have been having so much fun all day with our little friends spending most of our day outdoors engaging with lots of activities and going on adventures to explore all possibilities of play. Children have been choosing to play outside with the balls, so Miss Thais decided to play a “ball game” with them. Everyone sat down on the verandah and listened to the instructions. Miss Thais rolled the ball to them and they rolled back to Miss Thais.

When we transitioned inside we stopped in the bathroom where Miss Thais taught us how to wash our hands properly with soap and dry with a paper towel. We had a yumi smoothie today where our friends used the cups holding it with both hands.

Once indoors we settled on the mat for our acknowledgment to country and our good morning songs. We also did the fine motor activity with pom pom balls, tongs, and egg cartoons. The children were really engaged during the activity at the table. Some of them also enjoyed playing in Home corner and feeding the baby dolls.

We had a lovely day!

Love Miss Thais and Miss Bec