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Happy Wednesday Families and Friends! 😊
A worm welcome from toddlers 2 classroom.

We have had a beautiful and busy day filled with lots of laughter around here today. We begun our morning by welcoming all our toddlers’ friends into the yard for a fun little play. We play with lots of fun toys and equipment like riding the bikes all though the track, making lots of yummy food using sand, bouncing the balls up and catching them in the air and swinging high on the swing with our friends, giggling away saying “higher, higher!”. ♥

The time goes so fast when we are having fun with our friends when we realised was time to come inside the classroom and start our morning routine. As we were moving into the classroom our toddler friends walked in to the room very nicely and sat down on a cushion of their choose, for our story time Adem choose a book called “ Spot goes to the farm”, the children were very engaged in the story and they loved guessing what farm animal was behind the flips. 😊 Then we sang our favourite song “ bee bee bumble bee” and smoothie transition to washing hands and morning tea time.

After morning tea, we had a special guest from BUGS GO WILD SHOW who did an amazing BUG performance to us. In this show we had lots of comedy and get hands on with live and displayed insects with lots of audience interaction. Helping children connect to nature and bringing environmental awareness to the world around us. The children were really engaged throughout the entire show and absolutely loved to be able to touch some insects and reptiles they got to do throughout the show.

Once the show had finished was time to explore our classroom, this morning the toddlers friends also engage in:
– Extending the children interest for the bug show they had the opportunity to play with bugs toy and natural leaves, in a sensory play experience.
– Continuing in our week topic we had a tale set up with magnetic letters where they were able to create words and their names on the small boards;
– Building with wooden blocks;
– Music and movement using our music instruments and had a little dance “party”.

Wooow what a busy morning our little bees had around here today. Now they are in bed listening to a soft music and resting their little bodies, charging the energy for another BIG play in this afternoon.

With LOVE,

Miss Gabi, Miss Jess and Miss Hope