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Good afternoon friends,

We started our day observing the inside of the roof where Mr Peter and Miss Maddi were getting some Christmas decorations down for us to help decorate the centre. The children got very curious about it and kept saying “Maddi stuck in the roof” We had free play inside the room, where the children could self-select their interest. They chose to play with the train set and dolls house. Some of them really enjoy reading books as well.

We then sang our Christmas songs wearing our Christmas hat today and the children did so well. We also sang other songs whilst dancing around the room before our morning tea. For our group time today, we did different Christmas activities where some of the children chose to sit down at the table with and engaged in sensory play dough with different Christmas shapes. Miss Bec continued making our Christmas stockings using the spinge painting technique in the colours, red and green. Miss Thais finished some Christmas cards with Kynell and Macsen. Miss Maddi engaged in different activities with the children around the room.

The time went faster, and we had just a few minutes outdoor to release some energy before lunch. We sat down in the shade sang our transition song “bee bee bumble bee” and drank fresh cold water with big lunch.

Now we are resting our bodies for more play outdoor!

Love Miss Thais, Bec and Maddi