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Good Afternoon Families,

First of all, a BIG thank you to those that brought in gifts for us for Educators Day. We appreciate it so much, you guys are so kind. Thank you!!  <3

This morning the children were welcomed into the yard by their educators, Miss Thais, Miss Bec, and Miss Maddi. Most of them really showed interest in throwing the balls around and onto the roof, waiting for it to roll down and bounce on the floor.

After morning tea, Miss Bec set up a sensory painting activity. This is where she put glad wrap on the top and bottom of the paint so that the children could ooze it around without getting too messy but of course, we still found a way to get the paint all over our hands 😉 This was a great sensory activity for the children.

We then got out the wooden loose parts again since we loved it so much yesterday! We love stacking them up as high as we can, then getting great satisfaction out of knocking the tower over and screaming “OH NOOOO”.

Miss Thais then read us a couple of books, while we got set up for lunch and rest time. We are doing so well at sitting and listening to our stories

Hope you have a great afternoon,

Miss Thais, Miss Bec and Miss Maddi xx