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Happy Wednesday♥

Hello Families and welcome to our day here in the Toddlers Two room! What a beautiful day it has been here and I look forward to sharing it all with you.

We started the morning off in Toddlers One, exploring their room and activities. When more of our friends arrived we then headed over to our room to see some new additions to our home corner! Our friends were so amazed to see the new home corner plates, cups, utensils, teapot and delicious fruits and veggies! The children were able to show their cutting skills as they used the wooden knifes to cut the fruit and veggies in half! They all really enjoyed this and were all so engaged! They spent so much time in home corner role playing and sharing with their friends, it was so nice to see!

We then helped cleaned up the room for group time. In group time today Miss Jess read their favourite book ”Pirates in Pyjamas” They thoroughly fancy this book and are always super intrigued! We then sung ”Miss Polly Had A Dolly” as we sung this song the children were doing the actions showing their great memory skills and recall. We ended group time with ”Bee Bee Bumble Bee” before we headed off to wash our hands for morning tea. Our delicious morning tea today was Organic Fruit Toast and delicious Triple Berry Coconut Jelly. We also had some bananas and they were able to cut their bananas up using the plastic knife – this is in extension from this morning with using the wooden knifes to cut the wooden fruit and veggies up. They did an amazing job at carefully cutting the banana up and then eating it all up!

As it was raining this morning the children were able to take venture around the room in seek of self select activities and to also explore activities set up by the teachers, such as;

  • Squishing their hands in the playdough, rolling it into balls, snakes and more!
  • Driving the cars along our new wooden blocks!
  • Problem solving with puzzles!
  • Spontaneously reading in the reading are, self selecting books of their choice off the shelf.
  • Having so much FUN in home corner with their friends! ( I think this was a favourite area to explore today)

What a lovely morning it was! It was then time to get ready for lunch!!! Lunch today the children indulged in a delicious meal which was  a Sticky Thai Vegie Ball and Sesame noodle Salad. When their tummies were full they packed away and headed to their beds for a reenergised sleep for this afternoons journey.

This afternoon depending on the weather we may or may not head outside, but we will have a joyful time with what the weather brings no matter what♥

Thank You all for today♥

See you all soon – Stay safe,

Miss Gabi, Miss Jess and Miss Hope xx