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Happy Wednesday everyone we hope your all having a wonderful week so far today Miss Shelby and Miss Thais welcome 7 friends, welcoming our friends Kezia, Charlotte, Luca, Hendrix, Alanis, Latika and Quinn.

While playing outside this morning Luca, Charlotte ,Hendrix and Quinn were fascinated with watching the digger digging up the dirt in the yard next to us, while watching what the digger was doing Hendrix pointed to the digger and said ” it’s a digger, it’s digging”. Before coming back inside for morning tea Miss Thais took everyone down to watch watch what was happening and Charlotte said to Mr Peter ” how are you” he responded back to her saying ” good, how are you” and Charlotte said ” im good”.

Just a reminder about our Halloween event tomorrow evening from 5pm to 7.30pm, please feel free to invite friends and family to come down, we are also encouraging the children to come to kindy tomorrow dressed up in their favorite costume ( doesn’t have to be scary).

Today we continued with creating our Halloween art work to put up in our Halloween art area, Miss Thais continued painting our friends foot prints with black paint to create their trick or treat smell my feet art work with her doing Quinn, Kezia and Luca getting their feet painted, while getting it down they thought it was funny as they laughed. Charlotte was very helpful as she helped clean her friend Luca’s feet with wipes to clean the black paint of his feet and Hendrix helped to clean his own hands with the wipes. Miss Shelby made black spiders using the children’s hand-prints, Charlotte, Kezia, Hendrix, Quinn, Hendrix, Latika , Luca and  Alanis all wanting their hands painted.

Miss Shelby also sat down with the children to teach them a new Halloween spider song- singing 5 little spiders jumping on the web with Hendrix showing the number 5 with all his fingers on one hand and Charlotte pretending she bumped her head when the song said” one fell off and bumped his head so mummy called the doctor  said ”  no more spiders jumping on the web”.

We then did some dancing to  a skeleton dance, how many fingers, Old McDonald had a farm, BINGO and noises of animals song. Our friends loved dancing and moving their bodies along to the songs with Quinn and Latika clapping along to the music, Hendrix coping the song and touching his head, Kezia was moving around in circles, Luca enjoyed bobbing up and down to the beat of song/ music and Alanis was moving her feet up and down while clapping her hands.

Miss Shelby and Miss Thais