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Happy Wednesday everyone!

Miss Thais, Bec, and Maddi welcomed Alanis, Nayla, Millie, Abel, Lachie, Tua, Kezia and Rania today in the Yard. Miss Thais prepared an activity outside this morning where the children could choose different brushes to paint the fence using water. They really enjoyed this activity. The children displayed very good fine-motor and concentration skills as they carefully spread paint all over the fence. The children had a good time engaging in the sandpit with Miss Bec. We had our singing and group time “Good morning” song with Miss Maddi today where we all sat together in a circle and listened to Miss Maddi. We also enjoyed singing some of our nursery rhymes.

The Toddler friends then transitioned indoors for our morning tea, which was a smoothie and strawberries and bananas. They did really well using the spoon instead of cups.

After morning tea the children happily explored the room and engaged in free-choice play. Abel, Lachlan and Tua were very interested in our train set, cars and trucks. Millie, Alanis, Rania, Nayla, Kezia enjoyed role-playing with the food and babies in the Home corner. The children are doing so well during the play, they are keeping longer and sharing turns. Other activities enjoyed today were the Lego blocks and reading our books.

Miss Thais also prepared an activity that we could to practise some colour names and match the shapes in the colours. Miss Thais also extended by asking the children questions “Who are wearing green/blue/pink today?” They did so well recognizing the colours. We are going to learn more shapes and colours in the next few weeks.

We have had a lovely day, and hope to see you all again tomorrow.

Love Miss Thais, Miss Bec and Miss Maddi