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Today we welcome our friends Quinn. Luca. Kezia, Charlotte, Ivy, Alanis and Hendrix with Miss Shelby and Miss Thais.

While waiting for our friends to arrive Hendrix was exploring and playing with the lego blocks, he found the train lego piece and started connecting the pieces together. While making the train he said” toot. toot, chug,chug” and Luca recognised and named the lego car as he showed Miss Shelby and said ”car”.

Ivy showed kindness to her friend Quinn as she tickled her with the relaxation feather and Quinn responded to his friend Luca when he was feeling sad by giving him his drink bottle. Watching the children showing kindness to each other is so beautiful to see.

Today we continued to focus on sand by providing different experiences for the children to explore and participate in, the first activity was magic sand set up with leg blocks to teach the children to do stamping on the sand with the lego. This activity was a extension of the children’s interest of the magic sand and lego blocks yesterday, we will continue to support and extend on the children ‘s interest by providing a variety of different experiences with sand and also making our own sand.

The second sand activity was sand painting, Miss Shelby made coloured sand using sand from outside and added purple and yellow paint to create the sand mixture for the painting. While getting her art apron on Charlotte said to Miss Shelby ”it’s me, it’s mine”. Ivy was proud of what she created with the sand as she showed Miss Thais what she did.

We adventured outside to wash the toy ride on car, Miss Shelby provided a large container of soapy water with blue cloths. Together everyone joined in helping Miss Thais clean and wash the cars.

Miss Shelby and Miss Thais